Process automation CNC Grondstoffen

In the mixing and IVC factory in Moerdijk, the hardware, operation and control of the process automation were replaced by a new process control system based on Profinet. The speed and maintainability of the former dedicated system had become outdated and spare parts and support were no longer available. The new system had to be user-friendly, the technology had to be widely available and the software had to be contemporary and based on Profinet. Alewijnse’s strengths for this project included a detailed project description, thorough preparation, and a step-by-step approach in accordance with the functional design and an open dialogue. The new process automation has given CNC a more stable composting process with greater operational safety, good maintainability and increased data availability.

Electrical engineering partner

CNC Grondstoffen invited Alewijnse to be its electrical engineering partner when it was drawing up the trial concept for the project in Moerdijk. This was successfully developed, and the development caused no delays/disruptions in the production process. Corné Trouw, the man responsible for E-engineering at CNC: "We did everything possible to get the prototype up and running as quickly as possible. Alewijnse made an extra effort to master the new concept". Corné Trouw was delighted with the detailed project description, thorough preparation and step-by-step approach in accordance with the functional design and an open dialogue. "This reduces the risks, financial setbacks and delays during the final phase and in the list of deliverables." Alewijnse and CNC are configuring the new process automation system with components from trusted suppliers such as Phoenix Contact for the remote I/O stations and Siemens for the PLCs. A voltage tree network based on a fibre-optic ring linked to the CNC Grondstoffen office network will ensure smooth communication between the systems and will keep the network operational if there is a cable break or switch failure.

Project site

For all parties in the project team, a joint project site in SharePoint was made available for rapid information flow during the project. Because the IVC factory’s existing system is crucial for the processes at the other CNC Grondstoffen locations, the switchover to the new process control system was critical for the entire organisation. During the preliminary procedure, commitment to the functional design was obtained step-by-step at all times on all levels. Operators tested whether the process was accessible and practicable. The actual commissioning was implemented in phases over a period of four weeks. We took it as a great compliment when CNC Production asked us whether "we" had already switched to the new system. Needless to say, the transition to the new system went without a hitch.

Advantages of the new system

  • The new process automation makes the composting process more stable and results in greater operational safety, good maintainability and extensive data availability.
  • The input of formulae for the tunnel process was reduced from ten minutes to a maximum of one minute per entry, with no interruptions.
  • The process can be followed and run from every location.
  • CNC employees can respond to fault reports from home.
  • Because the automation is built according to a fixed pattern, malfunctions can be traced faster.
  • Due to the ability to view service information on I/O level, proactive maintenance is possible, and this minimises the number of stoppages.