Alewijnse realises electrical engineering and process automation solutions for the food, feed and beverage industry. The entire process from design, implementation and management, up to service and maintenance is in expert hands with us. Our offering is varied with a wide range of solutions such as power, medium and low voltage, process automation, energy consulting, and 24-hour service for service and maintenance.

Food safety

The national and international laws and regulations on food safety are becoming increasingly stringent. In addition, economies of scale and efficiency increasingly determine the operating profit of your business. You do your best to reduce raw material and product losses to a minimum. In addition, the sustainability of the production process plays an important role; you strive for minimal energy consumption. As a producer, you constantly anticipate these developments.
The information you receive on your entire production process is key. This allows you to guide and improve the process. On the other hand, a reliable and flexible automation of your production process is vital. Modern and robust solutions that lead to a reliable and consistent production quality. In a cost-effective manner, obviously.

Process automation

Alewijnse has been supporting entrepreneurs in the Food and Beverage industry for years with their process computerisation and automation. Our experience is versatile and solution-oriented. Think, for example, of:

  • achieving consistently high quality;
  • compliance with national and international regulations;
  • food safety;
  • savings on energy and raw material;
  • cost-effective production.

Fully in control

Alewijnse offers customised solutions. Your food production process streamlined and fully transparent. Ensuring food safety, consistent quality, cyber security and savings in energy and raw material in your production process. We achieve this together with you thanks to our years of knowledge in the field of SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) applications, DCSs (Distributed Control Systems) and PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers) in the food industry. Our common goal is that you are completely in control of your production process using the latest in technology.

Partner in business

Due to the rapid developments in the food industry, process optimisation and process automation are continuous processes. Downtime costs money immediately. Alewijnse understands this like no other. Therefore we think along with you in the production process. Our service and maintenance branch does more than just solve malfunctions. This means you can leave updating and upgrading your process automation as a result of changing perceptions to us with total peace of mind.


Alewijnse is happy to advise you on issues regarding your production process. Because we have been active in process automation in the food, feed and beverage industry for many years, we will gladly discuss matters with you such as:

  • process automation
  • energy management
  • cost-savings on production and energy
  • innovations
  • quality assurance
  • digital security (cyber security)