Alewijnse to install ballast water management systems

System integrator Alewijnse Marine, piping specialist Leemberg and 3D (EX) scanning specialist Medir International have together entered into a frame agreement for the delivery within Europe of ballast water management systems (BWMS) for several leading BWMS manufacturers.


For these worldwide BWMS producers, using electrolysis, UV, chemical and other technologies to neutralise invasive marine organisms found in ballast water, Alewijnse is responsible for integrating the BWMS into each ships’ existing systems, including cabling. Leemberg is responsible for integrating the BWMS components and piping into each ships’ existing ballast systems and Medir will scan the engine and pump rooms 3D (EX) of client vessels prior to installation to determine the optimal positioning and layout.

Ballast water

The long-standing practice of taking on ballast water to maintain the structural integrity of the hulls and regulate the draught of seagoing vessels has been identified as a major factor in invasive micro-organisms migrating from their original habitats to foreign waters where they may overwhelm native species.


In 2004 the IMO adopted the International Convention for the Control and Management of Ships' Ballast Water and Sediments and it is now due to enter force on 8 September 2017. From then on all ocean-going vessels making international voyages will, over a certain time period, be required to install, or have access to, BWMS. This is expected to generate strong demand for BWMS that are of good quality and properly installed.


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