Alewijnse Marine reaches midpoint of 10 vessel project

10 vessels Arklow Bodewes Alewijnse Marine

Alewijnse Marine has successfully reached the midpoint of a contract to install the complete electrical systems on a series of ten, 5150 DWT, dry bulk ships for the Royal Bodewes Shipyard and Arklow Shipping, based in Ireland. The first five vessels are now operational and the sixth will come into service by the second week of May 2017. The last ship (yard number 730) is due for completion by the middle of 2018.

Dry bulk ships

The 87-meter-long ships can steam at up to 12 knots on heavy fuel oil as well as gas oil, the latter being necessary for the North and Baltic Seas emission control areas, and will sail under the Dutch flag.


Alewijnse Marine is making an important contribution to the construction of the Arklow vessels series. "We are providing the complete electrical installation and integration for all ten ships,” explains Alewijnse project manager Folkert Attema. “We are supplying and installing almost all the electrical equipment on board, including the switchboards, bow thruster, shaft generator and bridge consoles. In addition, we are sparring partner in optimizing series production."


It is not for the first time that Bodewes has outsourced the electrical installation for entire vessels to Alewijnse. Alewijnse has worked on the cement carrier Furuvik and on a number of different Bodewes coasters in the past, and the company is currently completing the installation on the NB 803 Coralius, an unique LNG flex tanker, nominated for the Next Generation Ship Award at Norshipping 2015. In addition, Alewijnse is working on a coaster of Lehmann shipping company, and on an advanced cement carrier, a copy of Furuvik, but 20 meters longer.


Attema is enthusiastic about the series order for Bodewes and Arklow. "We are proud to have been selected to carry out such a comprehensive and complicated project for Bodewes,” he continues. “Bodewes and Alewijnse have built a strong relationship over many years and for this extensive project we have again provided a high quality, service to the customer with a professional, experienced and dedicated team on site."


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