Modernisation 12 locomotives for Spoorijzer

Alewijnse Marine Systems to modernise 12 locomotives for Spoorijzer

System integrator Alewijnse Marine Systems has received an order for the modernisation of a series of 12 diesel-electric locomotives, which will be put into service on the European railway network. The order has been placed by the Dutch rail maintenance company Spoorijzer, part of the Boomgroep.

Alewijnse Marine Systems was chosen for this unusual project as the electrical systems on these locomotives are very similar to those found on small commercial vessels.


Part of the conversion of the diesel-electric Class 66 locomotives involves Alewijnse making the electrical systems suitable for operations across the European railway network. To achieve this, the local security system will be converted from a multiple country configuration to one general European security (ETCS) system.


The project also involves the installation of new control and network systems, new sensors and modifications to the control panels of each locomotive. In addition, Alewijnse will carry out additional support tasks such as the commissioning of the systems.

Electrical systems

Spoorijzer chose Alewijnse Marine Systems because of its in-depth knowledge of and years of experience in the field of electrical systems for all types of ships in the maritime industry.

Tugs and trawlers

Alewijnse Service Coordinator Perry Eikelenboom observed that: "The electrical systems for the Spoorijzer locomotives are almost identical to those fitted in smaller vessels like tugs and fishing trawlers. Alewijnse will apply its extensive experience in these systems to the upgrade of these locomotives." Alewijnse has in fact successfully performed similar conversions on locomotives, for example for maintenance specialist NedTrain, part of the NS Group. The significant order from Spoorijzer demonstrates the wide range of skills and capabilities that Alewijnse can bring to projects of this complexity, and with short lead times.

Short turnaround time

Perry Eikelenboom again: “The turnaround time for each is very short and we will look to tighten it further as we proceed. I think that the ability to find improvements and increase efficiency as a project advances is one of the qualities that distinguishes Alewijnse service engineers.”


Spoorijzer specialises in the maintenance of railway rolling stock wagons. With offices in Rotterdam, Roosendaal and Venlo and various mobile workshops, the company serves the entire Benelux region. The company is part of the Boomgroep which provides a range of services to companies involved in rail transport.


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