Power generation & distribution

Each solution consists of several components, as a specific sum of its parts. And it is this combination that ensures an optimal solution for you. Also when the many areas that fall under power generation and distribution are concerned.

The right choices

Power generation and distribution are part of all solutions of Alewijnse. It is up to us to always make the right choice for you. Is AC or DC power distribution better for your situation? What distribution system should we select? Does it concern a standard or a hybrid ship? Does it concern a battery, should we use flywheels or supercaps? Should we use wind power or solar power? And what decisions should we make, for example, regarding diesel generator sets, shaft generators and fuel cells?

Specific knowledge

We obviously have a lot of questions to answer when it comes to power generation and distribution. Each area requires specific knowledge, and with our years of experience, we have all the requisite knowledge in-house. In fact, we love putting our teeth into complex issues. Technology is our base, that is our expertise. To put it to the best possible use for you, that is what it is all about.

Proven and reliable

Alewijnse builds on proven and reliable standard solutions. Of course, we apply them as much as possible. Add to this our customised solutions and we will make sure that our solutions deliver maximum return.