Alewijnse Marine Global Remote Service

Remote service

Alewijnse Remote Service

Information about systems’ ongoing operational status is crucial for the effective management of ships, both for their owners and for Alewijnse as the technical service provider.

Remote view

The Alewijnse Remote View is accessed via the browser and offers users the same view as the onboard Alewijnse ALVAS system. If multiple vessels are connected then fleet information can also be reported. The Alewijnse Service department can also monitor system status  for service and maintenance purposes.

Vessel information

The Alewijnse Remote server is the hub of the system, ensuring a safe and secure connection directly with each vessel from anywhere that internet is available. The owner or operator has only to log on to the Remote server to access the latest information. This configuration makes the connection easy to set up, without the need for complicated firewalls and routers.









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