Alewijnse Marine - Location Rotterdam

Alewijnse Marine, location Rotterdam
Van der Giessenweg 51
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+31 (0)180 460 555
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2921 LP Krimpen a/d IJssel, The Netherlands

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Alewijnse Marine Rotterdam is part of Alewijnse Marine of the Alewijnse group, with a long tradition in maritime technology and presence all over the world. As a full system integrator, we provide innovative electrical engineering and ICT solutions in their broadest sense. In everything we develop, we aim for what our customers need and what they wish for.


Alewijnse Marine Rotterdam is dedicated to innovation in the offshore sector, tackling the very latest environmental and logistical challenges. Our track record in design, installation, commissioning, service and refitting of electrical installations and automation solutions is impressive. From offshore support vessels (DP2 & 3) to pipe-lay vessels, drilling/production platforms to heavy cargo vessels, Alewijnse has the know-how you require. Our experience in the installation and adaptation of accommodation units is unique. By performing work preparations at our offices, your production can continue and the units are placed onboard in one shipment. Service interfaces with HVAC, nautical equipment and other ship installations are installed in accordance with the latest classification regulations by our specifically trained mechanics who come onboard for (dis)assembly and commencement of operations. Our ability to co-develop highly specialised vessels with shipyard and owner, integrating demanding requirements via advanced electrical, hardware and software configurations plus a dose of common engineering sense is widely appreciated.

Service & Maintenance

Alewijnse Marine Rotterdam offers customers the most optimal service for their electrical installations, covering the complete vessel´s lifecycle. We offer a wide-ranging portfolio of customer support and after-sales services for complete vessel’s lifecycles. To manage the cost of maintenance and risks of downtime and to share our expertise with you and your crew. This leads to optimal vessel performance and reliability for our customers.

As an innovative knowledge centre manned by dedicated in-house electro-technical professionals, our experience and knowledge gives us the edge in our industry. And our strategy has led to the stable growth of our business. Yet our line of business is much like an invisible service. It comes to mind at the moment the lights go out. Having those professionals standing by for your convenience is exactly what Alewijnse is offering.

Our global service and maintenance is on standby for the customer’s convenience 24/7. Our experienced crew is a phone call away: +31 (0)6 22 50 90 09. With our network of service hubs our crew is in the field all around the world with one central approach, one telephone number, one e-mail address and traceable by our track and trace system.

Global presence

Engineers and other specialists from Alewijnse Marine Rotterdam can be found working on projects underway at many top yards across Europe, and beyond. Alewijnse Marine Rotterdam operates internationally and has own branches in The Netherlands, Brasil, Malaysia and Singapore.